Vision Sunday

Motivated For Ministry - Tim McConnell

Aug. 15

Time to move. Time to wake up. This is not a cruise ship; this is a battleship. Every man, woman and child to their stations. The battle is on, and we cannot fail. Time to find motivation of ministry in every heart. If two-thirds of us are asleep, then our ministry sleeps, our impact sleeps, and the lost remain in darkness. If two-thirds of us are drunk on wine (deadened and numbed by the false comforts of American society), then our ministry is dead in the water and the souls who need Jesus perish in eternal darkness. We have limited time, limited energy, limited strength, and every bit of it must be focused earnestly on reaching Colorado Springs for Christ. Did you fill out your My Part Card? Do you have your opportunity for ministry right here in First Pres? Where will you move out in ministry this year? Where will you sow seeds? Where will you make an impact? Where will you shine light? One year from now, will this have been another year of slumber or the year First Pres broke into a new plateau of effective ministry in the name of Jesus?

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Motivated For Ministry - Tim McConnell