Due to cold temperatures and snowfall, Colorado Springs School District 11 has issued a two-hour delay. Per our policy, First Pres is on a two-hour delay for Monday, January 30. The Building will open at 10 a.m. Morning activities, including First Pres and Get-Set preschools are cancelled.

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Devoted - Tim McConnell

Jan. 9

People want community, but they don’t always want to submit themselves to one another in a way that produces genuine community. We want to stay our independent selves, but also experience genuine relationship and meaningful unity with others. The early church demonstrates that it was necessary to have devotion. They devoted themselves. “Devoted” in the OT is used to describe a sacrifice; an ox was “devoted” to the Lord on the altar! What happens when we devote ourselves to Christian community at church, attending to Word, Fellowship, Communion and Prayer, just like this first church? 
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