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Washed in the Water - Tim McConnell

Feb. 20

What do we believe happens in baptism? Different churches do this in different ways. We believe baptism is the entry point into the community of faith. Like circumcision was to the community of God’s people in the Old Testament, baptism is a marker and emblem of our people, including our children — that we belong to Jesus in a world that denies Him. Faith is necessary to salvation. Baptism and faith go hand in hand. Some believe they must only happen in a certain order, but we believe the order is not important. Baptism is a sign to the world that you are a Christian, but it is also a sign and symbol of God’s grace active in your life, sometimes before you know what to say about it. Paul equates baptism and circumcision in this passage. So do we. He baptized households, surely including children. So do we. Peter claimed God’s promises are “for you and your children” (Acts 2:39). With respect for other believers who practice this differently, so do we.
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